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CS-Cart Add-ons

CS-Cart Add-ons is an excellent solution for expanding your online business.

The add-ons for CS-Cart, that we develop, do not affect the CS-Cart core files and do not change default CS-Cart functionality.

With our CS-Cart add-ons you will have the new features, functions and improvements in your online store.


The Last Events add-on adds a report block to the main page of the admin panel for the administrator or for the vendor. Thanks to the add-on, information on orders, reviews, feedback, vendors is provided for the period of absence of the administrator and in one field. This saves time and makes management more convenient!


The add-on is designed to improve the ability to sort products in the admin area of your store. Now you can quickly find, view and change the products that was added to your online store last year, last month, last week, today, yesterday, this month, this week, etc. In addition, a search for the manually selected date range is available. The addon Search products by creation date allows you to manage the products of your online store even more convenient.


You can automate the process of displaying taxes for customers during the checkout process. You don't need to assign taxes for different locations - all of taxes will receive from Taxcloud service and set for your customers automatically. Save your time and optimize your online store!


CS-Cart Add-on: Knet payment gateway allows you to process your payments through Knet.


CS-Cart Add-on: Banners available date allows you to use the period of availability of the banner. You can set a specific period when the banners will show in your storefront.


CS-Cart Add-on: Hints for option variants allows you to display useful information directly below the selected variant of option.


CS-Cart Add-on Last visit tracking allows you to track the last user activity. The administrator will see the information about the date and time of the last visit and IP-addresses of each registered users. Also, the administrator can filter users by the dates of the last visit.


The CS-Cart Add-on Products names constructor allows you to specify individual product names for filtering results, for each categories and for each tags.


CS-Cart Add-on: Prices for options combinations make it possible to add an individual price for each combination of options, specify the combination that will be displayed by default when you open a storefront, as well as global edit combinations that are identical across several products, through the admin panel.

Also, the values ​​of quantity discounts are automatically adjusted in accordance with the selected price of combinations.